Principal businesses


Track inspection and research

If you compare tracks to humans, we are "track doctors" who provide "routine health checkup and thorough, specialized examination."


Routine health checkup of tracks to identify parts, if any, that need treatment

Research and equipment development

Devising of methods for examining individual track parts and the environment as well as development of testing equipment

Track design and analysis

We will satisfy your requirements by analyzing and proposing the best possible track structure that meet contradicting conditions including ease of maintenance, low cost, environmental-friendliness, and durability.

Track design

All kinds of design related to railway tracks


Static and dynamic analysis with a variety of software programs developed based on our core technologies

Technological development and management

We develop track structures and materials as well as track maintenance and management methods. We also propose classroom and practical learning for training railroad engineers.

Technological development

Design, development, and verification of various devices and materials used for tracks

Track management

We propose track management methods necessary for a safe and comfortable driving.


Our technical staff thoroughly familiar with railway tracks is ready to help you with your problem.

Education and training

We provide education and practical training programs for technicians who will shape the future of the railway industry. Different levels of programs are provided for different learning levels.

Speed-up test, measurement, evaluation, and analysis

We gauge the health of tracks and suggest what to improve and cure for good work in the future.

Derailment investigation and analysis

We analyze the sign and cause of the ill health and suggest corrective measures.

Consultation on railway track training at home and overseas

Not only for customers in Japan but overseas, we provide fundamental technical education and training and develop education materials.